Montag, 2. April 2012

A story of "Paradise".(5)

It was the thrust,for which we were doing hikes further.Every next step bring a new vista for us.The two other friends with me:Mr.Yasir and Tarazi were more shocked by the prettiness of trek because they had never visited such area before nor they did any trek during their whole life,before it.It doesn't mean, these landscapes did not enticed me.It was not a matter at all.I was more surprised but my center of view was different by them.I was comparing it with other treks and spots;I'd visited before.Ultimately I didn't find any substitute of such magical and sexiest trek. Our Journey towards last summit of "Ganga Choti" was going on unguidedly,as we have no guide,no map,no navigational device.During our trek we found two children sitting at high point near to Us.I called them and asked in Urdu that where were they going , From where they are here and Why ???

They replied but we couldn't mean their words.We decided to approach them.We felt that they were not more distanced from us but when we started to be close to them, It took 20 minutes. After 20 minutes we reached and asked about them.They were both the brothers and going towards Ganga Choti with lunch box for their father who was at Ganga choti with the flock of sheep to food them with fresh and greenish grass and fresh waters. We asked them to be with us.They accepted it and said to start journey quickly with them because their father was waiting for them at top. We requested them to stay for a while because we wanted to take some rest.They said,"You are non-natives and have no experience of mountain walks so we guide you to go further because You can not step with us,as we will approach at "Choti" without any break and rest".They told very productive and informative instructions to make "Ganga Choti" possible. They gave us a new way to walk towards choti and reach there easily.After it they stepped away and soon they faded away behind a cliff. Yet we were resting and snapping at that point, we listen a sweet tune of flute.The beautiful vista,cool breeze,lovey-dovey landscape,stunning silence with the some tweets of birds and the sweet melodies of flute ; made us "Ranjhas" in the valley of Kashmir. Here I would like to give some introduction of "Ranjha" : he was a famous heroic character of Punjabi lok story "Heer Ranjha";who played flute in the remembrance of his dearest darling "Heer" in the jungles of Punjab.This story was written by famous Sufi poet "Waris Shah".One can suggest it as the "Romeo and Juliet" of Punjabi but it is different in some aspects as Ranjha couldn't marry with Heer and She has been wedded forcibly to another person.The story ends with the death of both as in Shakspear's "Romeo and Juliet". The tomb of couple is still exist in Jhang city of Punjab in Pakistan.

The melodies of flute was telling us:there is another Ranjha and a Heer live here too.We noticed and tried to locate the direction from where flute tunes were coming,but couldn't find anything.After getting these melodies everyone of us felt the need of "Heer" with us.But nothing can be resolved because we three were "Ranjhas" and our "Heers" were hundreds of miles away from us.Even we couldn't listen them in modern 21st century being have the mobile phones with us.The problem is that,the mobiles are out of service in this remote area. Now we started the journey again with the heart full of romance and the love.After walking 10 minutes more we saw a person at a long distance.We guessed him as the "Real Ranjha" : who's melodies made us romantic too. Now our destination was to explore Ranjha first and Ganga Choti after it.The melodies of Ranjha's flute had deflected us from our goal.As we were closing to the person the voice of flute was being sweeter.After walking of almost 40 minuter we found the Ranjha.. Our idea was cent percent true .We met with local Ranjha and introduced ourselves and wished to know about him.His name was Zafar Ali,he was from neighboring village and was here with his flock of cattles too. He offered us the stay at his home.We gave thanks to him and asked if he can go with us till last summit.He accepted it and pleased so much to be with us.It was the time of 02:00PM ,but our problem has been solved now because a native person was with us and he could give us over night stay in case of any emergency or late arrival back from Choti.

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

A story of "Paradise".(4)

So we started our long slog from the front of "Sudhan Gali Tourist Rest House". Locals said that it is a quite mild and pithy route towards "Ganga Choti". An interesting and very important thing to be keep in mind is;The distance and Time criteria given by native people of hilly Areas is not fully exact , accurate and apt described.They usually tell the idea and guesstimation of their own, not with our point of view.Their words are "Choti is just behind this hill & not more than 1 hr hike is for last summit",but the reality is that We can't achieve the destination even in 4 hours. The estimation given by them is appropriate and real for them but not for us,our criteria is 2 or 3 times more than it.Similarly it was the shortest trek,at which we had started our Hike.Having the experience of such suggestions and descriptions of routes given by natives,I personally can imagine the "ease" of our journey. As mentioned before,we had only 2 rucksacks which were full with our clothes,drinks,food stuff,goggles,cameras and a notebook with pencil.Anyone can estimate,how much "obligatory" and "prolific" rig we had then.Only due to the wealth of will power and self-confidence ,we started our expedition. After crossing the Rest House,green pastureland welcomed us.It was a great bonjour by wilderness for strangers. Now wilderness started to be nude and allure bit by bit.We had been captured by the magic of erotic and unclothed tempting Ganga Choti treks.A clear sunny day,cool and aromatic breeze,countless colorful tiny flowers,green carpet of grass ,a wide and long plateau,small streams of fresh and cool water and a romantic silence which was broken by the tweets of stunning birds ; these all were present there lavishly.How could we proceed our journey more?So we stayed little there,shoot each other by our Cams.When we noticed that the environment is same every where,we took our backpacks and started our journey again.I personally never saw such beautiful land before.At the start of trek,our imaginary idea was that "it will be a green high-land like LALAZAR in Kaghan Valley". But after our welcome look, expectation were changed and we stared it over Lalazar.On our way,we watered ourselves by fresh,naturally distilled and mineral water;coming from rocks and flowing in grounds as blood circulates in our body. This fresh water quenched our thrust,but the thrust of exploration was soaring by every next step.

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

A story of "Paradise".(3)

After a complete day and Night of rest,we got up early in the Morning at 7 O Clock.We took a bath,dressed up.Just after it, breakfast was ready,after taking a medium breakfast,we hold our backpacks & made our way towards "Ganga Choti". "Ganga Choti" means the 'peak of Ganga'. As due to name it should be a holy pilgrimage destination or have any religious attachment with Hinduism.But after a short search,I couldn't find any historic background of this peak as a holy place or worshiping spot in Hinduism. It is recommended,If you want to trek towards "Ganga Choti";you should have a complete know-how of trekking and hiking,should have complete gear of trekking and camping if you want to have a night stay there,should have stamina and will power because it is said that "Mountains have no heart. but if they have, it is a stone". Another caution is given that we should start our trekking early in the morning so that we can be back as soon as possible after having some moments at last summit. "Ganga Choti" is some 11000 feet high above sea level.One can't see its nudity from "Sudhan Gali" because it is a 10 kms long, zig-zaged and snacked trek which leads to the feet of "Ganga Choti". Another interesting feature of "Ganga Choti" is that,it have not any proper way or trek which leads us easily and calmly near "choti". One has to design its own way between the cruel cliffs,green pastureland and dense forests.Therefore any local person or guide should be with you in your Journey. Above are,all the things that we knew but after all we had not enough of everything except the devotion and will power to conquer the "Ganga Choti". Lack of gear ; two backpacks for three persons,having no guide,rainy season of September and no experience of trekking in this area before it.... This is a small description of we three.Only gadget which was abundant was our willpower.

Montag, 19. September 2011

A story of "Paradise".(2)

It was Friday,when no day for departure was behind.I had to go to azad Kashmir at night with Mr.Tarazi and Mr.Yasir. From Faisalabad we picked bus and started our journey towards Islamabad,the Capital of Pakistan.We was traveling on Motorway.5hrs journey led us to Islamabad and without consuming any extra time,we picked another bus for Bagh City,Azad Kashmir.From Islamabad,we had to travel for more 5hrs to arrive at Bagh city. After leaving Islamabad,we found "Kahuta",a very sensitive city of Pakistan due to the Atomic Research Labs,where Pakistan's Nuclear weapons are said to be designed and researched by Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan.Kahuta is situated at the boundary of Punjab province and Azad Kashmir.Foreigners can't use this route due to the sensitivity point of view. After crossing Kahuta city we entered in Azad KASHMIR by passing over a bridge at River Jhelum,which separates Azad Kashmir from Punjab.The name of that spot is "Dhalkot",which is 85 Kms away from Islamabad and a main entry point of Azad Kashmir.After Dhalkot road swiftly started to rise up,and this rise up didn't diminish till we arrived in our hotel room. There are many beautiful vistas on the way but I neglect them all because we should touch our destination quickly and no doubt our destination was above all those views and sights,we eyed on the way. After 5 Hrs exhausted journey from Islamabad,we were in Bagh City. Bagh means "Garden",it is an important and big city of Azad Kashmir,before 1988 it was the part of Ponch district Azad Kashmir.Now it is a modern city and a district head quarter ,with availability of almost every need of Life.2005 earthquake shacked it badly and more then 30,000 casualties were recorded here along with billions of financial loss. The very interesting matter of Bagh is its literacy rate,which is more the 65%,highest in Pakistan. Bagh is situated on the confluence of two mini-river streams namely "Malwani" and "Mahal",those flows all the Year.There are many tourist spots and attractions in neighboring valleys and Mountains but we singled out "Sudhan Gali" due to its calm,healthy and romantic climate,another thing ,Sudhan Gali is the base camp of "Ganga Choti peak". We hired a car for Sudhan Gali,which is some 26 Kms away from Bagh city at an height of 2134 meters above sea level,enroute Bir-Pani. Bagh was not cool or pleasant at all,but when our car started to climb Bir-Pani Road,weather changed dramatically and after doing just 10 Kms, temprature declined to 10-15 Centigrade atleast. Enjoying this healthy and pleasant climate ,we reached in "Sudhan Gali" after 1 hr onward journey from Bagh. Sleepiness,fatigue and tiredness was at climax,so we clinched the keys of hotel room and put baggage in room. (to be continued)

A story of "Paradise".(1)

Tourism is my ambition,and Kashmir is my Dreamland. I visited Kashmir many times to quench my thrust of exploring "beauty" but everytime when I visited Kashmir ,the desire of "Kashmir" became stronger than before. In this summer,due to some social jobs and " RAMADAN Kareem" I couldn't slake my desire to jaunt in Jungles ,Mountains,valleys and lakes. The wish of tour was aching me. I was seeking the opportunity to pick my way towards "Himalayas" or "Karakorum". During Ramadan Kareem,I decided to leave the home for excursion towards Kashmir,on Eid ul Fitr. The next step was to find the partners and mates to step with me. That time Mr.Yasir Manzoor and Mr.Mubarak were best choices. I shared my idea with them and surprised to know about their will to be with me in upcoming Kashmir expedition. Finally I designed the tour quickly.Tour was not so much easy as I added all types of Tourist and adventurous activities in it. Kashmir is no doubt is a "only Paradise on Earth". So my Next words will be from Paradise.

My footsteps in "Kashmir"

Kashmir,a princely state divided in theree parts.It is ruled by Pakistan,India and China from last 64 years,in diferent styles.Pakistan-administrated side is declared a "free territory",Indian-adminstrated side is known as Jammu and Kashmir and China-administrated side is Akasai. Kashmir is the home of beauty and nature,not it but Beauty is the undressed only in Kashmir.Whole region has colors ,filled by nature.being a tourist and explorer these are my words,but Kashmir is a land where everyone thunderboltes at all, even Kings have said that "if there is any Paradise on Earth,then its Kaashmir,then its Kaashmir Surely". Being a nature lover and Explorer Kashimir is my ways from last 3 these 3 years i made several visits to see the hidden beauty under Himalyas and Pir Panjals. Its my thrust of trevaling and tourism,which i am quenching in the valleys of Kashmir,but only in Pakistan-side.its my biggest dream to cross the LOC to see the nature in Indian side.When will it be true,i dont know. Pakistan-administrated Kashmir is know as "Azad Jammu & Kashmir" or AJK. AJK is divided in 8 districts namely Neelum,Muzzafarabad,Bagh,Ponch,Sudhanoti,Mirpur,Bhimbar & Kotli. With 13297 Sq.Kms total area, Muzaffarabad as Capital & Urdu official language,Kashmir is the Home of Himalaya,Pir Panjal & Ladakh where Springs feels disturt on their Colors,where Rivers can't see the nudity and runaway to depths,where Mountains kisses the skies, where springs and Streams sing the Songs of Love and Joy,where Beauty unclothes herself. These are the words which never desrcibe the Eyeful Kashmir. Many areas of AJK are restricted to "not be visited by Non-natives",thats Why the beauty of AJK is unexplored yet. I decided to explore the Kashmir 3 years before and from that time i never missed any chance to fascinatate myself by winsomeness of Kashmir. I have many stories of Kashmir, to be extracted from my Memories to Page but I will start with most recent Travel story and try to touch my 1st tread towards Kasmir. My most recent tour will be the "Tour of Bagh and Rawalakot",to be started on Sep. 09 , 2011 to Sep. 14, 2011 INSHALLAH. So friends wait for some days.I will be back with "a story of Paradise.".