Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

A story of "Paradise".(4)

So we started our long slog from the front of "Sudhan Gali Tourist Rest House". Locals said that it is a quite mild and pithy route towards "Ganga Choti". An interesting and very important thing to be keep in mind is;The distance and Time criteria given by native people of hilly Areas is not fully exact , accurate and apt described.They usually tell the idea and guesstimation of their own, not with our point of view.Their words are "Choti is just behind this hill & not more than 1 hr hike is for last summit",but the reality is that We can't achieve the destination even in 4 hours. The estimation given by them is appropriate and real for them but not for us,our criteria is 2 or 3 times more than it.Similarly it was the shortest trek,at which we had started our Hike.Having the experience of such suggestions and descriptions of routes given by natives,I personally can imagine the "ease" of our journey. As mentioned before,we had only 2 rucksacks which were full with our clothes,drinks,food stuff,goggles,cameras and a notebook with pencil.Anyone can estimate,how much "obligatory" and "prolific" rig we had then.Only due to the wealth of will power and self-confidence ,we started our expedition. After crossing the Rest House,green pastureland welcomed us.It was a great bonjour by wilderness for strangers. Now wilderness started to be nude and allure bit by bit.We had been captured by the magic of erotic and unclothed tempting Ganga Choti treks.A clear sunny day,cool and aromatic breeze,countless colorful tiny flowers,green carpet of grass ,a wide and long plateau,small streams of fresh and cool water and a romantic silence which was broken by the tweets of stunning birds ; these all were present there lavishly.How could we proceed our journey more?So we stayed little there,shoot each other by our Cams.When we noticed that the environment is same every where,we took our backpacks and started our journey again.I personally never saw such beautiful land before.At the start of trek,our imaginary idea was that "it will be a green high-land like LALAZAR in Kaghan Valley". But after our welcome look, expectation were changed and we stared it over Lalazar.On our way,we watered ourselves by fresh,naturally distilled and mineral water;coming from rocks and flowing in grounds as blood circulates in our body. This fresh water quenched our thrust,but the thrust of exploration was soaring by every next step.