Sonntag, 13. November 2011

A story of "Paradise".(3)

After a complete day and Night of rest,we got up early in the Morning at 7 O Clock.We took a bath,dressed up.Just after it, breakfast was ready,after taking a medium breakfast,we hold our backpacks & made our way towards "Ganga Choti". "Ganga Choti" means the 'peak of Ganga'. As due to name it should be a holy pilgrimage destination or have any religious attachment with Hinduism.But after a short search,I couldn't find any historic background of this peak as a holy place or worshiping spot in Hinduism. It is recommended,If you want to trek towards "Ganga Choti";you should have a complete know-how of trekking and hiking,should have complete gear of trekking and camping if you want to have a night stay there,should have stamina and will power because it is said that "Mountains have no heart. but if they have, it is a stone". Another caution is given that we should start our trekking early in the morning so that we can be back as soon as possible after having some moments at last summit. "Ganga Choti" is some 11000 feet high above sea level.One can't see its nudity from "Sudhan Gali" because it is a 10 kms long, zig-zaged and snacked trek which leads to the feet of "Ganga Choti". Another interesting feature of "Ganga Choti" is that,it have not any proper way or trek which leads us easily and calmly near "choti". One has to design its own way between the cruel cliffs,green pastureland and dense forests.Therefore any local person or guide should be with you in your Journey. Above are,all the things that we knew but after all we had not enough of everything except the devotion and will power to conquer the "Ganga Choti". Lack of gear ; two backpacks for three persons,having no guide,rainy season of September and no experience of trekking in this area before it.... This is a small description of we three.Only gadget which was abundant was our willpower.

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