Montag, 19. September 2011

A story of "Paradise".(2)

It was Friday,when no day for departure was behind.I had to go to azad Kashmir at night with Mr.Tarazi and Mr.Yasir. From Faisalabad we picked bus and started our journey towards Islamabad,the Capital of Pakistan.We was traveling on Motorway.5hrs journey led us to Islamabad and without consuming any extra time,we picked another bus for Bagh City,Azad Kashmir.From Islamabad,we had to travel for more 5hrs to arrive at Bagh city. After leaving Islamabad,we found "Kahuta",a very sensitive city of Pakistan due to the Atomic Research Labs,where Pakistan's Nuclear weapons are said to be designed and researched by Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan.Kahuta is situated at the boundary of Punjab province and Azad Kashmir.Foreigners can't use this route due to the sensitivity point of view. After crossing Kahuta city we entered in Azad KASHMIR by passing over a bridge at River Jhelum,which separates Azad Kashmir from Punjab.The name of that spot is "Dhalkot",which is 85 Kms away from Islamabad and a main entry point of Azad Kashmir.After Dhalkot road swiftly started to rise up,and this rise up didn't diminish till we arrived in our hotel room. There are many beautiful vistas on the way but I neglect them all because we should touch our destination quickly and no doubt our destination was above all those views and sights,we eyed on the way. After 5 Hrs exhausted journey from Islamabad,we were in Bagh City. Bagh means "Garden",it is an important and big city of Azad Kashmir,before 1988 it was the part of Ponch district Azad Kashmir.Now it is a modern city and a district head quarter ,with availability of almost every need of Life.2005 earthquake shacked it badly and more then 30,000 casualties were recorded here along with billions of financial loss. The very interesting matter of Bagh is its literacy rate,which is more the 65%,highest in Pakistan. Bagh is situated on the confluence of two mini-river streams namely "Malwani" and "Mahal",those flows all the Year.There are many tourist spots and attractions in neighboring valleys and Mountains but we singled out "Sudhan Gali" due to its calm,healthy and romantic climate,another thing ,Sudhan Gali is the base camp of "Ganga Choti peak". We hired a car for Sudhan Gali,which is some 26 Kms away from Bagh city at an height of 2134 meters above sea level,enroute Bir-Pani. Bagh was not cool or pleasant at all,but when our car started to climb Bir-Pani Road,weather changed dramatically and after doing just 10 Kms, temprature declined to 10-15 Centigrade atleast. Enjoying this healthy and pleasant climate ,we reached in "Sudhan Gali" after 1 hr onward journey from Bagh. Sleepiness,fatigue and tiredness was at climax,so we clinched the keys of hotel room and put baggage in room. (to be continued)

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