Montag, 19. September 2011

My footsteps in "Kashmir"

Kashmir,a princely state divided in theree parts.It is ruled by Pakistan,India and China from last 64 years,in diferent styles.Pakistan-administrated side is declared a "free territory",Indian-adminstrated side is known as Jammu and Kashmir and China-administrated side is Akasai. Kashmir is the home of beauty and nature,not it but Beauty is the undressed only in Kashmir.Whole region has colors ,filled by nature.being a tourist and explorer these are my words,but Kashmir is a land where everyone thunderboltes at all, even Kings have said that "if there is any Paradise on Earth,then its Kaashmir,then its Kaashmir Surely". Being a nature lover and Explorer Kashimir is my ways from last 3 these 3 years i made several visits to see the hidden beauty under Himalyas and Pir Panjals. Its my thrust of trevaling and tourism,which i am quenching in the valleys of Kashmir,but only in Pakistan-side.its my biggest dream to cross the LOC to see the nature in Indian side.When will it be true,i dont know. Pakistan-administrated Kashmir is know as "Azad Jammu & Kashmir" or AJK. AJK is divided in 8 districts namely Neelum,Muzzafarabad,Bagh,Ponch,Sudhanoti,Mirpur,Bhimbar & Kotli. With 13297 Sq.Kms total area, Muzaffarabad as Capital & Urdu official language,Kashmir is the Home of Himalaya,Pir Panjal & Ladakh where Springs feels disturt on their Colors,where Rivers can't see the nudity and runaway to depths,where Mountains kisses the skies, where springs and Streams sing the Songs of Love and Joy,where Beauty unclothes herself. These are the words which never desrcibe the Eyeful Kashmir. Many areas of AJK are restricted to "not be visited by Non-natives",thats Why the beauty of AJK is unexplored yet. I decided to explore the Kashmir 3 years before and from that time i never missed any chance to fascinatate myself by winsomeness of Kashmir. I have many stories of Kashmir, to be extracted from my Memories to Page but I will start with most recent Travel story and try to touch my 1st tread towards Kasmir. My most recent tour will be the "Tour of Bagh and Rawalakot",to be started on Sep. 09 , 2011 to Sep. 14, 2011 INSHALLAH. So friends wait for some days.I will be back with "a story of Paradise.".

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