Montag, 19. September 2011

A story of "Paradise".(1)

Tourism is my ambition,and Kashmir is my Dreamland. I visited Kashmir many times to quench my thrust of exploring "beauty" but everytime when I visited Kashmir ,the desire of "Kashmir" became stronger than before. In this summer,due to some social jobs and " RAMADAN Kareem" I couldn't slake my desire to jaunt in Jungles ,Mountains,valleys and lakes. The wish of tour was aching me. I was seeking the opportunity to pick my way towards "Himalayas" or "Karakorum". During Ramadan Kareem,I decided to leave the home for excursion towards Kashmir,on Eid ul Fitr. The next step was to find the partners and mates to step with me. That time Mr.Yasir Manzoor and Mr.Mubarak were best choices. I shared my idea with them and surprised to know about their will to be with me in upcoming Kashmir expedition. Finally I designed the tour quickly.Tour was not so much easy as I added all types of Tourist and adventurous activities in it. Kashmir is no doubt is a "only Paradise on Earth". So my Next words will be from Paradise.

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